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Get in Tune, Sing a Tune: Nature Connection Songs

The joy of nature connection can be experienced in multiple creative ways: art, dance, poetry and music, to name a few. Over the past year, singing in reverence to the natural environment has personally allowed for further experiential integration. Whether the song celebrates the wild child within you or your love for the cedar tree, the simple act of singing deepens the connection between you and the subject matter. And it is fun.

I want to acknowledge that I did not create these songs and that I have learned the tunes directly from this website: It is an awesome resource and I encourage you to check it out. With the help of students, I have added actions to the first song to make it easier for teaching.

Tumbling Stone

I am tumbling stone, I am a tumbling stone

Oh my body is of earth, of earth and bones

My body’s of the river, my body (or blood) is of the sea

Flow, flow the river, flow into the sea

Wild One

Let the sun sunshine down and warm my bones

Let the birds and the bees take my clothes

Cuz I’m a wild one now made of wind and rain

I’m Wild and ain’t going back again

Let the moon shine down and cleanse my soul

Let the wolves and the owls come to tend my coals

Cuz I’m a wild one now made of stars and dreams

I’m wild and I’m part of everything

Let the rain pour down and soothe my mind

Let the fish and the frogs come and help my kind

Cuz I’m a wild one now made of earth and trees

I’m wild and I want to be at ease

Let the earth turn around and teach me so

Let the worms and the robins come complete the whole

Cuz I’m a wild one now made of love and seeds

I’m wild and the spirit has made me free (x3)

I sang the first verse three times as to help with learning the tune and lyrics. I also didn't remember the rest of the lyrics. ;^)

If you have any questions, suggestions or musical resources to share please don't hesitate to contact me. French songs would be greatly appreciated too. Have a great spring day and keep singing.

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