DV8 Education

The Full Story

Renee Baron is the owner and primary facilitator of DV8 Education. Since her teen years, she has been enamoured with nature, outdoor adventures and education. Over the years, her relationship with the natural world has deepened and subsequently, a great desire to care and protect it has emerged too. It is her personal mission to help youth strengthen their connection with natural landscapes in order to foster self-reliance, health and wellness, and accountability. She believes that through relationship building with the earth, stewardship naturally develops. “Once people break out of their indoor comfort zones, develop habits of awareness and realize their own fascination to learn more, nature will do the rest.” ( Coyote Guide To Connecting With Nature, Jon Young)

The idea of DV8 emerged as a result of observing a lack of outdoor education in schools despite many teachers' desires to have more of it. As teachers are already very busy, trying to weave something new into their teaching can be challenging and sometimes even daunting. She hopes to relieve much of this burden by either supporting the teachers through their process or acting as primary facilitator during workshops. Another obstacle is access, time and cost. Renee wants to bring DV8 directly to schools as much as possible, taking advantage of school grounds and surrounding green spaces. This will hopefully reduce cost, minimize logistics and make it more accessible to all students. Finally, Renee strives to incorporate the Core Competencies and/or Prescribed Learning Outcomes into her programs in order to support teachers in their evaluation processes.

Renee is a BC certified teacher with additional Montessori Training, a graduate of the Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training program, an Outdoor Educator with over 15 years of experience, a Level 2 Lead sea kayaking guide, and a certified yoga instructor. She speaks English, French and Dutch fluently and is trained in Advanced Wilderness First Aid.

Living an active lifestyle in the outdoors is what nourishes her soul. Mountaineering, paddling, gardening, traveling, trail running, mushroom picking, and skiing are a but a few of her passions. She is enthusiastic, passionate, curious and loves to play! Having the opportunity to share her adventures with her family brings her much joy and inspiration.