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Girls Get Outside is an outdoor nature connection program that offers an exciting opportunity for female-identifying youth to embrace their wild, playful and creative sides in the great outdoors. It provides a space for friendship development, mentorship and taking on diverse projects that inspire creativity and community service.

Girls Get Outside is guided by the following principles that, like a compass, give direction to our identity:


North: Nature - Relationship-building with the natural world

East: Ethics - Exploring our values and establishing congruency through action

South: Stewardship - Participating in activities that help to serve diverse aspects of our community

West: Work - Understanding that discipline and hard work are required to effect meaningful change


Though we have an indoor space as back-up in the case of extreme weather, children should be prepared to be outside for the entire program.

Program includes pick-up from Cumberland Community School. Pick-up is at 2:45 pm under the covered area between the youth centre annex and the Strathcona Building.


Girls Get Outside

Fall 2024

Sept 10th - Dec 10th, 2024

Cumberland, BC

With Renee Baron

2:45pm - 5pm






Girls Get Outside

Summer Camp 2024

Explore the great outdoors in this camp for adventurous girls aged 7-10! Get ready for a new outdoor adventure each day as we explore different locations in the Cumberland area. Led by Renee baron, an experienced outdoor educator, campers will learn wilderness skills, play exciting games, and get creative. It's the perfect opportunity to make new friends, boost confidence, and embrace the spirit of girl power. Join us this summer for an unforgettable daily adventures and endless fun!

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Program offerings

Available upon request

These field study workshops aim to educate students about their local environment and foster a greater respect for this planet we all call home. As we focus on topics such as fungus, flora, and fauna the students have an opportunity to engage with their local surroundings in a new and more meaningful way.  When studying topics such as plastics in our oceans and climate change, it is with the goal to instill a sense of empathy, stewardship and a desire to create change. As our future earth ambassadors, it is crucial for us to provide our youth with the tools and knowledge to understand the importance of sustainable practices.

Workshops can be delivered in French.

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DV8 Education programming is dynamic, creative, engaging, educational and fun. Workshops are ideally delivered as a series and incorporate music, writing, art, and games. The below workshops can be customized to meet your class' needs. If there is a workshop that you would like to see be developed, please don't hesitate to contact Renee and she would be more than happy to create something for you.


Dive into the fabulous world of fungi and discover their superpowers. Can you imagine glowing mushrooms or ones that takeover ant bodies and turn them into zombies? Fungi not only act as destroyers (or decomposers) but also as creators, either by breaking down natural materials or creating staple foods such as breads and cheeses. Some fungus can feed and heal us, whereas others can be deadly. Some can break down radioactive materials.

In addition to all the incredible things already mentioned, one can’t help but be in awe of the web like properties of fungi underneath the soil and how they serve to connect trees with one another, acting as water and nutrient transportation routes, therefore helping trees to communicate with one another.

The value of teaching students about fungi, beyond exposing them to their bewildering and diverse nature, is the opportunity to encourage ecological thinking by illustrating the delicate interconnectedness of all living and non-living things.


DV8 Education provides a dynamic and engaging learning experience, one that can be adapted to meet curricular needs.

The Fabulous Fungi  workshop may include:

Introduction to fungal kingdoms; the diversity of forms; and their ecological roles

Biology and classification

Reproduction and Development


Roles: past, present, & future

Cost: To be determined based on teacher's needs & number of sessions desired.


Treemendous Trees

As we spend our time in the forest, our primary focus is to learn about the local trees. Games, storytelling, music, art and journaling are used to instill further connection. This workshop is designed to encourage awareness and appreciation for the value of trees and forests in the daily lives of people (past and present), 


Depending on grade and focus desired by teacher, this workshop may include the following content:

Mother Trees

Celebrating fungi the Wood Wide Web

Tree identification

Poetry celebrating Trees

The Sustainable Forest

Cost: To be determined based on teacher's needs & number of sessions desired.

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Secret Spidy Senses

The key to creating a deeper connection with the natural environment is to activate the five senses. As the senses are opened, greater awareness follows and space is created to develop an authentic relationship with nature. As we ignite our senses we may begin to understand the challenges of local predator and prey relationships or tune into the myriad of surrounding bird calls, beginning to decipher their messages. DV8 Education believes that nurturing personal nature connection at a young age is an essential component in developing sustainable practices and instilling a greater appreciation for the Earth.


Playful activities include hiding, seeking and sneaking. Storytelling, games, music, art, and field book exploration are additionally incorporated to inspire students to fall in love with the Earth and encourage advocacy.

Cost: To be determined based on teacher's needs & number of sessions desired.


We currently face a plastic epidemic. Issues such as microplastics, floating plastic islands, and beach debris are in need of significant attention. “The Earth’s oceans, and the interconnected cycle of water and waterways, are essential to every living thing on Earth. And yet the health of these oceans, and by extension the wellbeing of all life on Earth, is at risk due largely to the impacts of human activity. Plastic is everywhere in our oceans and it’s going to take a deep, transformational change in humanity’s consciousness and activities regarding the oceans to ensure healthy, sustainable life on this planet.” (Plastic Education Kit, Teachers Leading Change, Grades 2 -3) DV8 Education believes this is possible! But change can only occur through increased awareness of how ones own plastic use has a direct impact on the environment. Through these lessons we hope that students will become leaders of change - and this can all start in the classroom. A facilitator will come into the class for a number of sessions before heading out on a field trip to do a local beach clean up. Help us to instill empathy and accountability among our youth so that we can break this pattern!

Ocean Plastics

Family nature connection days

Family Nature Connection Days are fun and engaging opportunities for you and your family to play outdoors and learn some truly fascinating things about the forest.

As we share knowledge about the natural environment, we help our children (and ourselves) gain a more profound understanding of interconnection, community, and stewardship. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet other families in a physically distanced format and build a network of active nature lovers.


Professional Development

For Teachers

Art of Nature Connection

Bringing Nature Connection OUT of the Classroom

The Art of Nature Connection workshop is an experiential half or full-day experience that takes place outside. It is appropriate for all levels of experience and grade levels. All that is required is a willingness to play, get dirty and learn through doing. The primary goal for the day is to participate in a range of activities that are intentionally woven together according to the 8-Shields Model created by Jon Young. Participants will be introduced to the Core Routines of Nature Connection as they engage in activities that activate sensory awareness, cultivate knowledge of place and restore the bond between people and the natural world. These activities are easily linked to many of the BC Prescribed Learning Outcomes and can be used to support learning at all grade levels and most subject areas. This is also an excellent opportunity to connect with other like-minded teachers and begin a dialogue on how to support each other in creating a classroom/ school culture centred on deep nature connection.


Time Frame: Half (3hrs) or Full-Day (5 hrs, Ideal option)

Max number of participants: 16

Cost: $100/hour

Staff Teambuilding

It is extremely valuable to set time aside for staff connection. The importance of creating a cohesive school culture begins with spending meaningful time together and breaking the initial barriers that come with staff changes. Creating new shared experiences in which the participants laugh, play and connect allow for staff to feel greater ownership of their school community. Even if your staff turnover isn't significant, creating space for connection is always invaluable. And finally, the activities can easily be adapted for use with students during the school year too.


Time Frame: Minimum of 3 to 5 hrs

Number of participants: Dependent

Cost: Varies depending on number of participants as additional support may be required.

Location: Ideally outside in a natural setting but can be adapted to be inside

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