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Professional Development Opportunities

Bringing Nature Connection OUT of the Classroom

Campfire in Forest

Art of Nature Connection Workshop

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Art of Nature Connection workshop is an experiential half or full-day experience that takes place outside. It is appropriate for all levels of experience and grade levels. All that is required is a willingness to play, get dirty and learn through doing. The primary goal for the day is to participate in a range of activities that are intentionally woven together according to the 8-Shields Model created by Jon Young. Participants will be introduced to the Core Routines of Nature Connection as they engage in activities that activate sensory awareness, cultivate knowledge of place and restore the bond between people and the natural world. These activities are easily linked to many of the BC Prescribed Learning Outcomes and can be used to support learning at all grade levels and most subject areas. This is also an excellent opportunity to connect with other like-minded teachers and begin a dialogue on how to support each other in creating a classroom/ school culture centred on deep nature connection.


Time Frame: Half (3hrs) or Full-Day (5 hrs, Ideal option)

Max number of participants: 16

Cost: $100/hour

Woman Alone in Forest

Staff Teambuilding

Play days boost team morale while stimulating, rewarding and re-energizing your team.

It is extremely valuable to set time aside for staff connection. The importance of creating a cohesive school culture begins with spending meaningful time together and breaking the initial barriers that come with staff changes. Creating new shared experiences in which the participants laugh, play and connect allow for staff to feel greater ownership of their school community. Even if your staff turnover isn't significant, creating space for connection is always invaluable. And finally, the activities can easily be adapted for use with students during the school year too.


Time Frame: Minimum of 3 to 5 hrs

Number of participants: Dependent

Cost: Varies depending on number of participants as additional support may be required.

Location: Ideally outside in a natural setting but can be adapted to be inside

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