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Pollination Scavenger Hunt

June 23rd - July 21st, 2021

In collaboration with the Cumberland Community Forest Society, DV8 Education is offering the community yet another engaging scavenger hunt. The focus of this scavenger hunt is pollination . Also included is a challenge to match the flower with the correct pollinator. Download the Flower File and as you visit each box (2-7), you will find a pollinator profile description. Based on the information learned in the profile and the box contents, determine which flower belongs to the described pollinator.


The intention behind these scavenger hunts is to provide families with fun and meaningful outdoor activities that serve to deepen one's idea of place. As we learn more about our forest and community, we hope to foster a great love for our ecological paradise and the importance of engaging actively as stewards.

The scavenger hunt is appropriate for all ages. You and your family can head out into the forest to locate as many of the hidden eight boxes as you'd like.  Please ensure box lids are secure when mindfully replacing boxes back where found.


Important Details


No. 1 Japanese Town Site

How to get to start:

The scavenger hunt begins at the No. 1 Japanese Town Site. It is NOT the old China Town Site. When driving towards Comox Lake, pass the old China Town Site and look for the No. 1 Japan Town Site on your LEFT.

Park in the designated parking lot and begin at the kiosk. The displayed map will help you to locate the first spot.​

Here is a link to the No.1 Town Brochure:

Map to location:

Time Frame:

Wednesday, June 23rd - Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

What to bring:

Downloaded map , clues, and flower descriptions

Journal and pencils for note taking and drawing.

Appropriate clothing for weather

Snacks and water

Something to take photos with

Bags for picking up garbage

A sense of adventure

Send feedback & photos to



Please hide containers back exactly as you found them. Make sure the lid is on properly. If there any issues with them, please contact me.

Please be safe and respect all wildlife and plants. Do your best to leave no trace and dismantle anything that you create for the purpose of the activities.​

Please take a lot of photos!!


Below one can download the map and clues.





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