Winter Break Scavenger Hunt

Family Nature Connection

As a part of my master’s project, I have to plan and implement a project to address a current environmental issue. In a survey which many of you completed, I learned that the majority of you felt that the lack of human connection to the natural world was of greatest concern. Consequently, I have created a fun and engaging educational scavenger hunt which is set up in the Cumberland forest. The idea is that over the course of two-weeks, you and your family can head out into the forest to locate as many of the hidden eight boxes as you like. Each box contains a Wild Side Challenge, Game, and Nature Connection Activity. Considering the current pandemic situation, I felt that this was one of the best ways to promote family nature connection without planning a formal gathering. Should you choose to participate, please photographically document as much of your adventure as possible so that I may include it in my final paper. Secondly, any feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated. If this goes well, I hope to add this activity to my outdoor education trousseau.

          The scavenger hunt is appropriate for all ages. The flexibility to do as many as you want serves to support time constraints and attention span. There are prizes for those who complete and document all eight challenges successfully.


Important Details


Eastern Block of Cumberland

Forest: Munday’s Child, Friday’s Child, and Thursday’s Child

How to get to start:

The scavenger hunt takes place in the Cumberland Forest and begins at the entrance by the BMX park, off of Dunsmuir Road. Park at the BMX parking lot which is located east of the Village Park. At the south side of the BMX park, or the other side of the track, is the entrance to the Cumberland Trail Network. Before crossing the newly constructed bridge is a kiosk with a map of biking trails. As you cross the wooden bridge, stop to check out the swamp/marsh. Why do you think one side is higher than the other? Continue up small rise and to your left is the beginning of Munday’s Child.

The scavenger hunt begins here.

Time Frame:

 Monday, December 21st to Jan 4th.

What to bring:

Downloaded map , clues, and directions


Journal and pencils for note taking and drawing.

Appropriate clothing for weather

Snacks and water

Something to take photos with

Bags for picking up garbage

A sense of adventure


Send feedback & photos to



Please hide containers back exactly as you found them. Make sure the lid is on properly. If there any issues with them, please contact me.

Please be safe and respect all wildlife and plants. Do your best to leave no trace and dismantle anything that you create for the purpose of the activities.

One can score their Wild Side Challenges if they like. It is up to you. If your group wishes to share their points with me then I am more than happy to add this information to the final count. Photographic evidence is key.

Please take a lot of photos!!


Map and Clues

Below one can download clues and maps. Two versions of the clues have been provided.

Printable maps:

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