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Customized Team-Building Sessions

Depending on your goals, we are happy to create and facilitate a meaningful and fun team building experience. Below are some ideas to get you thinking.


If you seek an engaging, creative and fun experience that allows everyone to get to know each other, then this is the program for you. Using a combination of low and high-intensity activities, your students or staff will come away feeling positive and more connected to their peers.


This experience is for those who seek a more inward journey such as meditation, yoga, and educative forest walks. Using a variety of means such as music, art and journaling we can create a space that is conducive to reflection, healing and self-development.


Is there conflict in your group or an atmosphere of disconnect that makes the class or work environment challenging? Using a variety of activities to address these issues, we strive to do so in a safe and productive manner. Spending time on debriefing is key in these situations. It is essential that these specific issues be discussed beforehand in order to be able to create a customized program.


Do you have a goal you want to achieve or not to sure what it is yet? Let us help you move forward in making it happen.

Any of these programs can be combined and creatively molded to meet your needs. Programs can be delivered in French.

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