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Earth Ambassador Programs

Education. Compassion. Stewardship.

These field study workshops aim to educate students about their local environment. As we focus on topics such as fungus, flora, and fauna the students have an opportunity to engage with their local surroundings in a new and more meaningful way.  When studying topics such as plastics in our oceans and climate change, it is with the goal to instill a sense of empathy, stewardship and a desire to create change. As our future earth ambassadors, it is crucial for us to provide our youth with the tools and knowledge to understand the importance of sustainable practices.

Workshops can be delivered in French.


Education. Compassion. Stewardship.

DV8 Education programming is dynamic, creative, engaging, educational and fun.
Workshops are ideally delivered as a series and incorporate music, writing, art, and games. The below workshops can be customized to meet your class' needs. If there is a workshop that you would like to see be developed, please don't hesitate to contact Renee and she would be more than happy to create something for you.


Fungus Files

Available for K - 7

Throughout history, fungi have been regarded with great suspicion. The ancients, wary of mushrooms that appeared like magic after a heavy rain, called them 'a callosity of the earth', 'earthly excrescences', and 'the evil ferment of the earth'. In spite of leaving a bad first impression, these peculiar entities are subjects of great curiosity. The strange talents of fungi include the ability to luminesce; their greater similarities to insects than to plants; and the tendency to grow in fantastical fairy rings. These are only a few ways these bedazzling organisms can launch a child's imagination into overdrive. However, what is truly relevant about fungi is the way that they encourage ecological thinking by illustrating the delicate interconnectedness of all living and non-living things. (Introduction, Fungus Files)


The Fungus Files may include:

  • Introduction to fungal kingdoms; the diversity of forms; and their ecological roles

  • Biology and classification

  • Reproduction and Development

  • Adaptation and Environment

  • Fungus Among Us


Cost: To be determined based on teacher's needs & number of sessions desired.


Ocean Plastics

Available for K - 7

We currently face a plastic epidemic. Issues such as microplastics, floating plastic islands, and beach debris are in need of significant attention. “The Earth’s oceans, and the interconnected cycle of water and waterways, are essential to every living thing on Earth. And yet the health of these oceans, and by extension the wellbeing of all life on Earth, is at risk due largely to the impacts of human activity. Plastic is everywhere in our oceans and it’s going to take a deep, transformational change in humanity’s consciousness and activities regarding the oceans to ensure healthy, sustainable life on this planet.” (Plastic Education Kit, Teachers Leading Change, Grades 2 -3) DV8 Education believes this is possible! But change can only occur through increased awareness of how ones own plastic use has a direct impact on the environment. Through these lessons we hope that students will become leaders of change - and this can all start in the classroom. A facilitator will come into the class for a number of sessions before heading out on a field trip to do a local beach clean up. Help us to instill empathy and accountability among our youth so that we can break this pattern!


The two key questions we will address is:


Why does the ocean matter?


Why is plastic pollution a problem?


As we work on these key ideas we will develop strategies on how to reduce our plastic consumption, educate our community and remove plastic debris from our oceans. Through song, games, drama, art and written work your students will have fun learning about the ocean.


Cost: To be determined based on teacher's needs & number of sessions desired.


The Treemendous World of Trees

Available for K - 7


As we spend our time in the forest, our primary focus is to learn about the local trees. Games, storytelling, music, art and journaling are used to instill further connection. This workshop is designed to encourage awareness and appreciation for the value of trees and forests in the daily lives of people  (past and present) , and to provide a better understanding of the methods utilized to conserve, manage, and protect forest resources. Depending on grade and focus desired by teacher, this workshop may include the following content:

  • Web of Life

  • The Nature of Trees

  • Nature's Treasure Chest

  • The Sustainable Forest

  • Waste Not-Want Not

  • Forest Families

  • Forest Watersheds

  • Forest Carbon & Our Climate


Cost: To be determined based on teacher's needs & number of sessions desired.

Clifftop Yoga

Water Series

Available for K-7

Are you studying the water cycle? Are you investigating different bodies of water and how they connect to form our local watershed? The Water Series gets you and your students outside and visiting different stages/location of the water cycle. Using song, games, and storytelling, we weave a memorable program to enhance your in-class learning.


Sensory Awareness

Diving Deeper Into Nature Connection, Available for K- 7

The key to creating a deeper connection with the natural environment is to activate the five senses. As the senses are opened, greater awareness follows and space is created to develop a more meaningful relationship with nature. This personal connection to the natural environment is an essential component in developing sustainable practices and instilling a greater appreciation for the traditional indigenous relationship to the Earth. Using activities such as games, music, art, and field book exploration we strive to inspire students to fall in love with the Earth and to becomes its advocate.

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Word of Mouth

"We'd like to thank you for coming to Puntledge to teach us about fungi! I learned that there are over 1.5 million types of fungi that we know of."

"I learned that fungi are more like animals than plants."

"I learned that fungi don't do photosynthesis. That is cool because I always thought mushrooms were plants."

"I learned that fungi can grow anywhere!"

"I learned that a honey mushroom is the world's largest organism."

"I learned that the mushroom is just the fruit of fungi."

"I learned that some fungi eat worms. That's cool!"

Grade 6/7 Students

Ecole Puntledge Park Elementary

"I am privileged to have welcomed Renee into my Outdoor Education classes to teach our grade 6's and 7's about fungi. Renee was well prepared with resources and materials. She is energetic, funny and super knowledgeable. The students were transfixed for two sessions by her entertaining and informative presentations. Students were able to touch fungus samples and rotate through well-designed stations to enhance their learning. Renee switches seamlessly between French and English to deliver an awesome learning experience in both languages. Thank you again, Renee! We can't wait to welcome you back to our school again!"

-Leah LeBlond

Teacher, Ecole Puntledge Park Elementary

"I love what you are doing with your program. Everything you do comes from your heart and the kids can feel that. Every detail of your lessons was planned with intention and purpose. The kids took so much from the time you spent with them and I still have Avryanne singing the "We need the oceans" daily to herself.

- Amy Iredale

Teacher, Robb Road

Grade 1

"I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your educational workshop on ocean pollution and the importance of the ocean in our lives. The children said that they enjoyed everything and learned a lot! They particularly liked Rita Cycle and her hat, the games on the beach, the singing, and the pictures and videos you used to teach them.
I thought you brought in some complex concepts which the children understood and learned, because of your visuals and the fact that you were aware of how important it is for young students to alternate movement and listening activities.
I highly recommend your workshops to any concerned educator...this is how we will change the world...for a cleaner one..:-)

-Isabelle Durand

Teacher, Ecole Robb Road

Grade 1

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