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DV8 Education

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Our mission is to provide creative educational opportunities for our community to deepen their relationship with the natural environment.

Our programs provide:

  • outdoor learning in schoolyards, local green spaces and wilderness

  • curriculum-linked place-based and experiential education

  • student engagement and empowerment

  • team-building for all ages


DV8 Education Programs

Outdoor Experiential Education, Place-Based Learning

The Leap

Our Programs

DV8 Education aims to create an alternative to the classroom – fresh air, a natural setting, and an atmosphere conducive to creative thinking. Programs focus on environmental education and building relationships between self, others, and nature. Using games, singing, storytelling, outdoor adventures, field studies, stewardship, and play, we strive to create authentic and meaningful experiences that will encourage the participants to become more engaged in their local and global community.
Either through visits to your school and local parks or forests, DV8 Education provides an affordable, fun, and unique getaway from the classroom. DV8 Education aims to complement the traditional information based classroom style of teaching, by incorporating outdoor place-based and experiential learning. Within these frameworks we address the Core Competencies in Communication, Creative & Critical Thinking and Personal & Social Development. All of our programs focus on encouraging students to grow through cooperation, teamwork and positive leadership. Our customized programs, for all grade levels, inspire confidence in students to embrace challenge and risk in the outdoor environment, within a safe and supportive atmosphere.


Adventure Program

The Adventure Program strives to bring students into natural environments so that they can begin to familiarize themselves with their local landscapes. During the program they will learn how to tread safely and interact mindfully in the forest. As they play and engage in camp crafting tasks, they will begin to see the outdoor environment as part of themselves. Depending on age group, the following activities may be included:

  • Introductory Game, storytelling and songs

  • Tarp Shelter Building

  • Campfire Etiquette: safety Concerns and fire construction

  • Wilderness Awareness

  • Outdoor Cooking

  • Stewardship education

  • Journaling, reading assignments, research and home projects

  • Adventures, wandering, and tracking wildlife (following animals to learn about their lives!)

  • Wild edibles, medicinals, and hazard plants (identification and uses)

  • Much more!

Hand Holding a Plant

Earth Ambassador Programs

The purpose of Earth Ambassadors is to increase outdoor learning opportunities for students in local public schools. The programs are designed to support and build on classroom lessons delivered by the teacher and/or a DV8 facilitator. One of the main objectives of these workshops is to engage students not only intellectually but also physically.

Current Workshops Offered:

  • Water Cycle Series

  • Fungus Files

  • Treemendous World of Trees

  • Ocean Plastics

  • Sensory Awareness

Team work


If you are looking to increase team morale and cohesion in an engaging, playful and memorable way, Eco-Leadership may be for you. Within the context of an outdoor setting, a customized program can be created to ensure that it fits your group's needs. Program time frames can be from 3 hours to multiple days long.


Professional Development

As a teacher it can often be challenging to find the time and energy to incorporate Nature Connection into the daily routine. DV8 Education is here to support you either through cooperative program development, sharing resources, and/or running programming. The ultimate goal is to empower teachers as outdoor educators, help build their confidence level outside and ensure that curricular requirements are met within the outdoor setting.

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